Client Spotlight: Flutes at Dawn

Foundation Consulting: Your Insights into actions

Strategic and Intentional Investment Will Be Transformationa

Our partnership is shaping foundations beyond checks, online donation buttons, and events – to transform and impact individuals and communities.

Advancing Social Change

Engaging with your team’s shared views on how change will happen with proven tools and creative practices.

Individual & Family Foundations: Actors, Artists, Athletes & Musicians

Our consulting assists you in shaping your philanthropic vision while continuing to reach your pinnacle in your community – all while maintaining your uniqueness & autonomy.

Propel Social Action: Creating or Enhancing Your Foundation

High Impact Solutions Through Customization & Innovation

We’ll leverage your unique experiences and perspective to create a custom solution for your foundation that meets you where you are, whether you’re just considering creating a foundation or are a proven force in philanthropy. We identify and engage your community, family, and friends beyond templated methods and integrate your talent and community. We offer:

1. Turn-Key Management – From beginning to end, we establish and manage the foundation with your passion as our guiding principle.

2. Hybrid – We engage your family, friends, and associates with training and strategic pathways to build and maintain your legacy in the community.

3. Training– We offer best practices training on financial, stewardship, event, and fundraising tools to your team, your children, and multigenerational family members.

4. Virtual – We assess and assist you in ensuring that your digital footprint is incorporated into your foundation to meet the present and future philanthropic landscape.

Foundation -Skills & Services


Conduct grant administration & management activities

Align grant-making operations with foundation objectives

Communication Techniques


Ways to timely communicate with grantees and grant seekers

Facilitate board governance and operations